Friday, April 15, 2016

Charlie Baker Boo'd

at a LGBT event...apparently a transgender rights bill is meandering thru the legislature and local activists want the Governor to sign it very badly.
Well lets remember though that the damn thing hasn't hit Baker's in-tray yet and I do think booing and catcalling might register one's disapproval but it can be awfully bad optics with definite potential for a backlash.
On the other hand, Baker's whole "no comment on pending legislation" sounds very equivocal, at best it seems to deal him out of any negotiating stance at all with the lege over said bill and at worst it undermines the Governor's rep for being a "friendly squish" to the LGBT community.
So I can see why the activists were worked up, if this was the MBTA or any erring public sector union I can promise you the Governor would be loud and out front on all of it.

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