Wednesday, April 06, 2016

On Wisconsin

Y'Know...I like Bernie Sanders on his best days he does burn with the zeal of an Old Testament Prophet and his lack of religious convictions is weirdly refreshing to me.
But boy howdy listening to his victory speech last night was a real downer, no one it seems wants to have less fun "Immentenizing the Eschaton" than the Senator from Vermont.
That is also a cash costly revolution he wants to bring to Washington as well...but....I view it as "Right Question Wrong Answer" we can all change our answers going forward politics is not the SAT's after all.
No...Bernie's popularity is not hard to trace, he promises one of the most debt ridden cohorts in the US immediate measurable releases, buy that I mean our native class of debtor college graduates.
I don't blame them one bit for voting for Bernie he at least has proposed a simple (if expensive) solution to post collegiate debt, make higher education free.
This is an issue that has festered unresolved for twenty five years in the USA sans resolution, is it any wonder the campuses are on fire for the guy? Say what you like about today's millenials but they can read those emails from the bank displaying how deep they are in the whole on graduation day? If I owed fifty thousand to some damn bank for my sheepskin and had no job on tap I'd be banging the pots for Sanders as well.
Unworkable solution always beats no solution at also nicely fills the silence.
We've turned higher education into a loan driven industry (like the auto industry in some ways), said education is designed to find kids jobs which places the graduates at the acute mercy of the US Economy on Graduation Day....wrongly educated (for work instead of enlightened citizenship) and saddled with debt....its a wonder they aren't voting for Raul Castro quite frankly.
So lets think on this a bit.
Maybe as democrats we've got to confront this problem in the DNC platform this year...and yes we will need to be bold but common sensical as well.
Think on it please.....

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