Tuesday, April 19, 2016

There is a scramble in the State GOP to colonize

the 42 person state RNC delegation with anti Trump representatives, despite the fact that The Donald won the Massachusetts Primary.
The theory is, that if Trump can be denied a victory on the first ballot the delegates are free to "Vote their Consciences" thereafter (and yes that is a thought to Chill The Blood). So the game is on to seed a potential second or third ballot with uninstructed or covertly instructed loyalists.
This is where Charlie Baker is lodged between a rock and hard place, he likely has the resources and money to completely colonize the Massachusetts RNC delegation with anyone he likes.....but the two front runners Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz are both All Kinds of Awful so all he'd be doing is evading the frying pan to embrace the fire.
Hence his current ambivalence to attend the RNC next summer....
My thinking is, "embrace the chaos" colonize the delegation completely with reps loyal to Baker on the second ballot and offer himself as a Dark Horse Candidate for President. At the very least it'll sharpen his bargaining position because right now everyone seems desperate to induce the sheer berserker joy of a "brokered convention".
Normally I'm skeptical of that trope (it pops up every four years it gets columnist thru the winter it seems), but it might go down this year....might.
And if that is the scenario then half measures won't do and Baker's only safety may lie in "Charlie in 2016"....
Otherwise he just ends up being a patsy for Ted Cruz or someone else Trump buffaloed on the Road to Armageddon.....

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