Monday, April 04, 2016

I'm not a fan of charter schools

I'd tolerate them though if the funding mechanism didn't amount to robbing the localities and the teacher's unions weren't being bypassed in a sneaky way.
They also skim off the cream and leave the chronic problem pupils firmly mired in the local public schools.
Not that anyone cares about that....
Of course with all the false costless redistributionist consciousness he can muster, Governor Baker just luvs charter schools.
I'm really not sure public money should bankroll an elite educational experience quite frankly. But then, our whole theory of education is catastrophically misguided in my humble opinion, we educate for acquisition of a job and not for citizenship, the concept of excellence is completely rooted in commercial applications.
Because we've come to believe a "good education" is the best way to costlessly redistribute incomes. Hence the charter school fallacy which promises a leg up on that income gain and thus we arrive at a packed Bernie Sanders for President Rally in which 18,000 college students (who are in dept up to their hats) are screaming for free tuition.
I don't blame them one bit for marking out hard for Sanders, I would too if I was twenty three and in hock....but it's an entirely flawed premise in education that has lead us all to the pretty pass and someone somewhere has to climb up onto a pile of standardized tests and cry HALT!!!

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