Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Word on the street is...

That Governor Baker isn't stirring himself at all to put up any GOP candidates to challenge our all democratic congressional delegation in the general election this fall.
For us democrats that is good news in a short term tactical sense, as it allows fundraising and experienced Massachusetts activists and volunteers to "roam freely" and gravitate around the national race or captioned congressional races outside The Commonwealth.
Its also a confession that the state's GOP "bench" is awfully threadbare and the requisite number of credible candidates couldn't have been ginned up.
However in a strategic sense over the long term it sort of indicates that whoever the democrats run against Baker in 2018, it won't be someone out of our congressional delegation. That free ride this year and Charle's 2000% approval ratings will be motivation enough to sit on their hands en masse I suspect.
So as we go forward into the upcoming National Campaign lets keep in mind we are gonna need to mount a solid challenge to Baker in 2018, win or lose, I for one do not want a repeat of 1994's Roosevelt-Weld Debacle.
Just remember, after 1994 Weld took it into his Pride Swollen Head that he could knock off John Kerry in the 1996 Senate Race, and believe me kids, Ed Markey I'm sure recalls that one vividly, as should we all.

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