Friday, April 08, 2016

Vladimir Putin, the Politburo of the PRC, Various Terrorist Factions and Jackie Chan

ALL seem to love the Yankee Dollar per the "Panama Papers", thanks to a secret series of trust funds stashed in Panama a nation that thriftily allows the US Dollar to circulate unmolested thru cash registers and bank accounts.
This the same Vladimir Putin, PRC and sundry terrorist factions that are about to Take Over the Universe per Fox News.
Hell there is a capital outflight problem in the PRC the leadership has had to clamp down (on everyone else except themselves) on the desperate desire to convert the local currency into good old American Dollars....
I dunno but stuff like this worrisome from a anti-money-laundering and or terrorist financing perspective...but it also weirdly rebuts the Trumpian Declinist Thesis we are getting in this campaign cycle.
If we are making such bad trade and finance decisions why are all these jobbers so desperate to rack up the US Dollar?

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