Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cruz-Fiorina in 2016?

Tactically speaking this is a profoundly stupid move on Senator Ted Cruz's part....points up the fact that most of the Elite GOP haven't Got Clue One as to How to Manage a Brokered Convention (assuming they actually do have one, and I have my doubts).
YOU NEVER lock up the Vice Presidency before going into a contested convention, Ronald Reagan pulled that stunt in 1976 and it back fired spectacularly.  If your only hope is to force a decision on the second or third ballots then you need that glittering bauble called the Vice Presidency to beguile strategic if weak-minded GOP Elites.
Its exactly how John Nance Garner got on the ticket in 1932 as well as numberless others. Cruz may literally have partnered with Fiorina simply because she pisses off Trump and makes for decorous fake diversity optics, she is a public relations choice at best and bad choice otherwise since it closes off negotiations at the convention from the git-go.
At this point I'm back believing that it'll be Trump on the First Ballot when the dust settles...because if this is the best his opponents have to offer, the Developer is in Phat City fer sherrr.

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