Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The existential implosion of the GOP

commenced waa-ay back in 1998 when the usual wingnut activists actually told themselves that they could impeach both Bill Clinton and Al Gore & overturn two election results in a row. Seriously the plan was to make an alleged child molester, the House Speaker Denny Hastert President!
Now Hastert is facing a Judge with his vileness exposed....thank ghod we dodged that bullet eh?
But that self destructive fully lived on the GOP thru the Florida Recount, "Mission Accomplished", the Unitary theory of Governance, Sarah Palin and now Donald Trump.
Its the same thing though, a berserker desire to lay hands on one's opponent at the expense of the Nation's wellbeing, its quite frankly anger-addiction....and it is ruining our differently winged opponents.

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