Monday, April 25, 2016

Cruz and Kasich are allegedly teaming up

against Donald Trump, dividing up the remaining primaries in a vain effort to prevent a first ballot victory for Donald Trump at the RNC this summer.
Too little too late and if I was John Kasich, I wouldn't believe God's Truth out of Ted Cruz's nasty little mouth.
A mouth ago this MIGHT have worked, might, the problem is, that Trump has consistently performed within his polling projections regardless of his verbal outrages, in the face of that, "coordination" among his rivals would at least prolong the season which is the best anyone in the GOP could hope for given the situation.
But coming now, forget it.
Trump is exploiting nigh Marxian contradictions that have festered within and without the GOP since it's Empire Days under Saint Ronald Reagan. I think a "brokered convention" is simply another advantage Trump situations, his opponents have been consistently under organized ideologically divided, religiously colonized and out hustled at every turn.
And anyway who is gonna "broker" that convention? Jeb Bush? Paul Ryan? Mitch McConnell? A vast cross section of ineptoids and cowards who have been nursed and preserved inside the "Conservative Echo Chamber" since they were children, they simply don't have the skills or the intestinal fortitude to prevail against a Donald Trump.
No...I expect some fireworks and then Trump will be nominated these guys are like the late French General Maurice Gamelin they keep promising a great counter offensive and nothing ever happens...and it won't happen at the RNC this summer believe me not with these jobbers in charge.

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