Friday, April 01, 2016

Its sort of Ironic to consider

that Donald Trump might reach his Waterloo in Wisconsin, once held to be The Most Radical State in the Federal Union by the late lamented Sinclair Lewis. Once the proud home of the La Follette Family (a bloodline that for relentless progressivism made the Kennedys look like a bunch of Falangists) and peppery democrats from William Proxmire to Gaylord Nelson, Wisconsin proudly gave more votes to Eugene McCarthy than to Nixon, Humphrey and Bobby Kennedy combined in the 1968 Presidential Primary.
And still it went for Nixon by a plurality that fall.
Nowadays Wisconsin is misgoverned stylishly by union busting libertarian fanatic Scott Walker and this is where the irony inverts because the best hope of "Trumping Trump" in said Primary is none other that that semi demented Texas Squadristi Senator Ted Cruz.
Irony Atop Irony Folks that all I can say.....

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