Thursday, September 10, 2009

A-Andy Card for the US Senate?

That old golem? Good grief the state GOP really is scraping the bottom of the barrel aren't they?
Wait til they find out that his decades as a Bush family lackey didn't make him a wealthy man at least not enough to self finance a campaign for the US Senate.
Oh well, at least Andy has name recognition, of course it is as a shameless toady for La Famiglia Arbusto a political clan with all the popularity of the red death in Massachusetts.
Maybe GWB will fly up from Texas to campaign for his old cup-bearer, wouldn't that be a scene???
At this point a blunt simple question needs be asked, in all the twenty nine or so years of being the Bush Family's preferred Yes-Man, just what did Andy Card ever manage to do FOR Massachusetts with all that prized access?

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