Friday, September 11, 2009

If Representative Joe Wilson is so darn apologetic

over his outburst ("You Lie!" he screamed at the Chief Executive) at the President Wednesday night, then why doesn't he call a moratorium on his congressional fundraising?
It seems he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from joyful birthers and other vengeful book worshippers in the wake of his ill tempered fugue on national television.
You'd think if he was truly sorry he'd send such tainted money back....
Well, the reality is, Rep. Wilson isn't the slightest bit apologetic about any of it, his amends reads like the sorrowful note to the principal after a kid gets caught roughing up a smaller boy in Elementary School. No, Wilson is plumb happy, he has harvested wingnut props, money and some national camera time plus the goodwill of the GOP's prefecture, Rush Limbaugh et al.
Given all that we can look forward to the whole GOP congressional delegation wallowing in even more degraded antics during future speeches.
All this merely reinforces what I wrote yesterday, Obama, Pelosi & Reid have no reliable negotiating partners in the matter of health care, not with the good lawd of tawk radio telling the republicans how to f*ck us on a deal.
No if the matter is to go forward it must be moved by democrats and independents, the GOP has decided to wallow in it's praetorian anger, I ssay leave em' behind.

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