Monday, September 07, 2009


Joe ain't gonna run!

I had my Grenadier's uniform dry cleaned and my assegai professionally sharpened!
All bombast aside, today officially marks the end of the Kennedy dynasty one or the other in that family has represented this Commonwealth in DC since 1946, the curtain has at last fallen.

Well there is nothing else for it, we could well have a ten way primary as a consequence of this, a lot of congressmen from Massachusetts can hear the wings of destiny beatin' over their heads tonight...Between all the money they've raised for uncontested re-elections and redistricting next year at least four of ten could pile in before next Friday. Oh and Marty Meehan hasn't ruled it out either!

Barney Frank seems to be strangely quiet all of a sudden, very much out of character.
I'd love it if he piled in, smartest and ablest man in the congressional delegation. The wise guys will wail about his religion and his orientation but if a meshuggah yap like Romney can go wild state wide why not Barney?
Well the answer is obvious, Barney Frank has a good thing goin' in congress why risk all the superlative work he has been doing for a gaudy ten way brawl in the Commonwealth? The only force that might change his mind is redistricting and he has survived that challenge before.
Pity...Hope I'm reading this wrong but suspect time has made Frank too good a congressman to chance all on a seat as a Junior Senator from Massachusetts.

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