Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Coakley Piles In...

Kudos to the AG for decisiveness, she has made up her mind while others mull & dither.
She has clearly internalized that notion that a long tenure as Attorney General of the Commonwealth can be an impediment to a wider career in politics, you just make too many enemies in that job. Besides how often does a shot at the big time open up in the Bay State...the temptation is a strong one to hazard all in an off year election wherein one's power base is not at risk. Hell, I can barely resist the urge to announce and I'm an obscure rhetorical incendiary with a bizarre pseudonym!

Among the Spartans up in Menotomy, Martha (Who has been an ubiquitous presence at local democratic event nigh these ten years) has many many admirers in and around Spy Pond many of them women who went to the mat for Hillary in 2008. On the other hand Seventh District Congressman Ed Markey is counting on a good show in the Northwest suburbs to get himself nominated should he announce for Edward Maximus'seat. Thus Coakley & Markey share the same base in some respects.
Of course if Victoria Reggie decides to bid on her late husband's sinecure then it becomes really interesting from the perspective of gender politics in the democratic primary.

Meanwhile, back at the Boston Globe, Scot Lehigh shows his true colors with a snarling incontinent attack on Former Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy.
This would be the same Scot Lehigh who repeatedly tried to convince the Globe's readership that Mitt Romney was a nice toothy moderate republican even as the Viceroy was touring the nation howling imprecations at the Commonwealth.
This would be the same Scot Lehigh who thought Scary Kerry Healey was a "nice girl" who fell in with a bad crowd in campaign short this is the same old dupe who has been wrong about everything since the Fall of Man, pay him no mind Joe.

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