Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mike versus Tom round II Michael Flaherty with brains enough to realize that he cannot win without the goodwill and support of Sam Yoon. Running as a "team" (Flaherty for Mayor, Yoon for "Deputy Mayor") bespeaks some ability to think outside the box on the part of Citizen Flaherty. Alas they are gonna need a lot more ideas like that one if they are gonna flatten the Great Golem of City Hall, Tom Menino.
Yoon seems to be playing the good soldier this time, win or lose he will politically profit from this election down the line.

Flaherty needs to: Hammer away at Menino's age, endless tenure in office and paucity of ideas, leaven everything with a few new proposals and look energetic & upbeat in all things.
Menino needs to: Put aside his ego, remind all and sundry he came to your Aunt's wake in Charlestown last year, stay focused on his accomplishments and mastery of the details that comprise city governance.

Have at it boys, it all looks good from Robbin's Farm Park in Menotomy.

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