Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm with the Governor on the whole Hyatt Affair

Housekeeping is back-breaking labor set to a blistering pace at most hotels, and the "excessive" $15 an hour these women were making is a meager pittance by which to raise a family.
So hell yeah Deval Patrick was right to threaten a boycott of the Hyatt, replacing those women with $8.00 temps with no benefits constitutes the worst sort of economic piracy. You can bet Hyatt Hotels Inc (or whatever the corporate parent is called) is CRAMMED with six figure VPS whose job is it to dream up "cost saving measures". Ass-clowns like this LOVE a recession it is a golden opportunity to squeeze the paychecks and health benefits of the company's housekeepers, bus-boys and maintenance staff.
Humble Elias has an idea lets cut back on some of those six figure salaries they got up in executive country, payroll efficiency should start from the top down anyway let the ass clowns set an example for once.
As for the Governor, this was a gut-check Harry Truman moment on his part, the Joanie Vennochis and Scot Lehighs will snark but the plain people out there, the service staff at Dunkin Donuts, the charwomen or the legions of temps that swarm Boston's financial district will know one of their own.

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