Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jock Itch Part 2

Couldn't Curt Schilling run as a "Petitioning Republican" in the special election? Technically he is registered as an independent in the Commonwealth and cannot run as a Republican, but as a "petitioner" he could promise to caucus the GOP once elected and switch in as soon as the law allows.
This is exactly the horseshit that got Joe Lieberman re-elected, so why wouldn't it work for Schilling?
That is IF he is serious about running, so far the only people truly excited about his notional candidacy is the usual sportsfascists on the AM dial, one hardly hears a peep of "Run Curt Run" from any other quarter.
Nope seems to me he is self stroking his ego nothing more, if he does get in I think he'll go great guns for about three weeks and then the meagerness of his ideas and his lack of any political skill will start to stalk him. Like Sarah Palin, Schilling will be a sugar high most likely. I mean imagine what a two way debate would look like, the first question about monetary policy and the man will fold up like a cheap suit.
Meanwhile, the Annual Andy Card boomlet has flared and died in exactly five days, you can set your watch it quite frankly.
Oh and Congressman Markey has made the entirely sensible decision to decline the senatorial special election, he has amassed too much clout in the House since 1976 to hazard on a return to freshman status in the Upper House. Sometimes wisdom takes years to ferment in one's soul, I am glad Markey finally figured things out for himself he made a statesman like choice.

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