Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Ghod!

Doesn't anyone WANT to be a United States Senator from Massachusetts anymore??

Now Steve Lynch has bailed on the project, a few frowns from the AFL-CIO and he tears up his nomination papers sans demure.

I'm beginning to think that Hillary Clinton's rear guard in this state has a lot more pull than was originally estimated, a bunch of serious machers have dropped this race like poorly rate sitcom, so I wonder if serious fundraising pressure wasn't brought to bear on some of these guys. Seems to me very significant that the only ones left of note on the democratic side are Martha Coakley, the Jock Itch guy who owns the Celtics who can self finance and Mike Capuano, who'd charge the Battleship Yamato in a rowboat with a slingshot if it suited his fancy.
I suspect in, short, arm twisting behind the scenes to the advantage of Coakley.
At the rate we are going, Humble Elias will have to get into this race, I mean for no other reason than to raise high the flags of old timey Bay State Lunatic Ambition. This is a seat in the US Senate, you DON'T get an open shot at this sinecure more than once in a generation in Massachusetts!
Good Ghod I NEED some bloggable chaos here guys, don't let me down!

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