Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So it is Mike versus Tom

and then it'll be Tom and then maybe...who knows? Tom all over again.
Hate to say it kids but short of the Sons of Ragnar sacking the City of Boston on election day, this mayoral contest is a foregone conclusion, it will be Menino Uber Alles all over again.
At this point our best hope is for a spirited and open debate of all the issues because the outcome seems pretty certain.
I hate to write it like that, but facts are facts, Menino has a huge organization, he can project power into wards and precincts and he has 900,000.00 to spend.
Sure, Menino sounds like a recovering stroke victim with an addiction to cliches, but that doesn't matter in Boston, flowers at wakes, wedding greetings, a little help with a zoning problem, reverence for neighbors and neighborhoods those are the decisive factors in the Hub even today.
Michael Flaherty sounds like a well informed man with a strong desire to run an honest administration but he is about to join a very long list of mayoral also-rans in the Shining City on a Hill.

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