Friday, September 25, 2009

Senator Kirk...? Meh.

He will vote the right way, oppose the inevitable filibuster and keep Edward Maximus' formidable constituent services office humming.
I'd a preferred former governor Mike Dukakis who has made an effort to court the democratic base at the town and city level and thus deserves some recognition but in the end it is a token appointment of four months, no big thing.
Still...I think nomination papers can still be handed in for any further senatorial candidates (the cut off date is October)and the Duke does look fit as a fiddle for a man of seventy-five.
Why take a four month appointment when one can enjoy a six year tenure in office, a chance to serve the Commonwealth anew, and a national platform as well?
Plus Mike Dukakis is honest and incorruptible, we need fear no chiseling from him.

Besides, think how it would piss off Howie Carr....that ALONE recommends the whole project!

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