Monday, September 14, 2009

Three and some change?

I thought this was gonna be a bigger democratic primary so far the heavy hitters are Steve Lynch, Mike Capuano and AG Martha Coakley plus Alan Khazei and some other small fry.
No Ed Markey no Barney Frank no Joe Kennedy, I thought for sure this was gonna be all out donnybrook among the gods, with four or so congressmen waging relentless battle with those huge warchests of theirs.
Nope, it took Teddy Kennedy's untimely demise to remind Ed Markey, Barney Frank and Marty Meehan that there is "no place like home", or at least the US House of Representatives or whatever cinchy gig they've grabbed onto.
Meanwhile the state GOP fares no better, State Senator Scott Brown has announced for the seat but he faces long odds in terms of public recognition and fundraising...and Jacky Robinson is supposedly taking out paper with some other ne'er do wells to climb in as well.
Is it me or wasn't this supposed to be a bigger louder show-down? I mean open US Senate seats are a once in a generation thing in this state, you'd think more people would be tempted.

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