Thursday, September 24, 2009

The New York Times reported yesterday

that former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis is no longer in the running to serve as an Interim US Senator in Edward Maximus' bow vacant seat.
Un-named sources cited the Duke's rep for "independence" and his concurrent association with an era of "democratic defeat".
In the words of Olde Misanthrope "What rubbish!"
How can one be too independent and yet somehow symbolize defeat and rejection at the same time? Both De Gaulle and Petain in one go?
Moreover, the Duke would be serving for a short time with John Kerry as his senior senatorial colleague, Kerry had the Presidency stolen from him in '04 does that associate HIM with "democratic defeat?"
For that fact this is Teddy Kennedy's old chair we are filling, he got whipped by Jimmy Carter in 1980, does that associate the late Senior Senator with "democratic defeat?"
No mah frenz, this is more of that consultant-think that has been dragging down the party for decades now, I urge the Governor to flip off this kind of idiot-reasoning and reconsider the candidacy of former Governor Dukakis, whatever his faults may be, the Duke is an honest man in extremis, if he says he will resign by a certain date he will do it and damn the consequences. It is a short list of pols in this state whose word is that good.
Meanwhile the papers all say Paul Kirk now has the inside track, I don't know the man from a cord of wood, maybe he is honest maybe not.
Nonetheless, conscience dictates I remind my readers that Kirk was once DNC chair, back in 1988 if I am not mistaken, and we didn't win that year, doesn't that taint him with "democratic defeat"???

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