Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Back in the mid-1950's

whenever his TV ratings took a nose dive or his producers would hound him to freshen up his material, Red Skelton would hit the vodka bottle hard, strip down to his shorts, arm himself with a loaded pistol and defy the whole world by climbing the nearest tree on his estate clutching his prized joke file.
Sometimes he wouldn't come down for hours despite pleas from his wife or children.
Marty Meehan is a little like Red Skelton, he has climbed himself a very nice tree up there at UMass Lowell and won't come down even for a wide open shot at the US Senate.
As a breed comedians are eccentric, but Massachusetts' politicians are downright inexplicable.
Now supposedly a shot at the US Senate was Marty Meehan's life's dream, allegedly he can't spend that five million large on a run for Governor it has to be the US Senate or Congress or...The Presidency.
Well Marty was a pretty good congressman once, and the White House seems like a long shot so the only game in town left is this special election to the US Senate.
He has to realize that as politics in the Bay State goes, the stars will not again be in alignment for a shot at the senate for fifteen or twenty years.
There is no other explanation for it, Meehan has lost his taste for the big game, it happens to the best of them, they getout, the pressure comes off and pretty soon the nine to five schedule seems like paradise.
Meanwhile, Crazy Christy Mihos is conjuring with taking a flyer in the US Senate special election, which is the sort of impulsive act we've come to expect from the former gubernatorial candidate of the Olde Milk Partei. With his vast fortune and Dick Morris to advise him look for some hard hitting adverts from Mihos this fall, but given his nervous Frank Gorshin like giggle and inability to master the "indoor voice" Crazy Christy has some liabilities that won't wear well on the electorate over time.

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