Friday, September 04, 2009

Joanie Vennochi in Love?

It would appear that the Boston globe columnist has found her candidate for the US Senate, and that would be Attorney General Martha Coakley.
No venom aimed at the candidate's supposed bullying tendencies, no snarkage at their lack of political courage...I mean you'd think Joanie had fallen in love or something.
It is a big change from her usual diet of sour grapes.
So if this somehow becomes a two way race between Ed O'Reilly (remember HIM?) and Candidate Martha Coakley disdains to pay him much attention with a debate Joanie won't hav a problem with that will she?
This paragraph though, is a partcular gem:
Kennedy’s role in electing the country’s first black president is an important part of his legacy. By endorsing Obama, Kennedy built a bridge to the next political generation. It happened because Obama had the audacity to not only hope, but run for the White House; and because Ted Kennedy had the audacity to back him up.

Well never mind the fact that John Kerry endorsed Barack Obama first and then went to work on Edward Maximus, where does all this luv for Barack Obama come from??
Back in July in 2008 all Joanie had to say about Citizen Obama was that he was a narcissisist of the first order, now however The President has become in Vennochi's mind, an avatar of hope.
"Wow" is all I can say, forget Martha Coakley's audacity for the moment, Joanie's sheer gall takes the cake.

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