Sunday, September 02, 2012

Brewmeister in Chief...

The President's heretofore secret recipe for Honey Flavored Ale, a product of the White House no less, has been released to the public.
Which of course only underscores the fact that the President, is a bit of a beer fanatic...Which is a very subtle contrast with the man he succeeded to office and the man who is vying with Obama for the Presidency, both teetotalers.
For better or worse, booze, has been a central factor in this Republic from the start, Harvard University used to have it's own brewery appended to the campus back in colonial times, at least until commencement turned into a drunken debauch.
George Washington had his own personal distillery at Mount Vernon and sent numerous letters to his business agent in Jamaica dickering ad infinitum over the price of a stave barrel of rum.
John Adams? A tankard of hard cider before breakfast every day.....
Thomas Jefferson? A great critic of hard liquor and the first serious wine snob to serve as Commander in Chief.
The rest of them had to get by with Madeira, bottles and bottles and bottles of good solid Madeira....from    the Boston Massacre to the Yorktown and beyond.
Lets face it, back in the day you had to be either drunk or crazy to call out the British Empire, and the Founding Fathers were not crazy by any measure.
Thus when Barack Obama brews and bottles his own beer and passes it around at White House receptions like a proud father, he merely celebrates his Olde Timey Americanism.

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