Monday, September 17, 2012

Well well well...

Citizen Warren is up in the current polling, and has even taken the lead per the Springfield Republican newspaper.
To think a mere week ago there was a certain amount of hand wringing about the quality of her TV commercials when compared with what Brown is running...which was chiefly footage of the Junior Senator tooling around in the truck he bought to transport his horses from place to place.
Aiyee Scott Brown, "man of the people" indeed, and if the people are the legendary "Horsey Set" so much the better.
Okay all snarkage aside, this is some good news for Citizen Warren after a period of some doubt, clearly some of these numbers are derived from her prime time speech at the DNC, Scott Brown by comparison had to sneak in and out of Tampa like a fugitive Wall Street financier.
A high degree of democratic unity at the street level is probably another contributing factor which is why Brown is pathetically frantic to collect endorsements from every drunken turncoat he can dig up with a "D"next to their name.
For all that this feels like a drumhead tight race, Brown has big bucks to spend on re-election, he has at last what he wants which is name recognition and he remains the only serious republican in recent memory with a consistent lawn sign presence in Middlesex County.
It is an anecdotal & unscientific measure but one worth remembering.
I still think the debates are going to be a decisive factor in this face, a sort of debut literally for both candidates a lot may be sorted out therein.

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