Saturday, September 01, 2012

Romney's convention...

Well Ghod help us, Mitt Romney wanted to be the GOP Presidential nominee in the worst way, and he damn well got his wish.
So it is plainly ironic that his convention was storm-wracked, plagued by inappropriate eructations about rape & voting rights, his Vice Presidential candidate a glib little savage lied like a dog in the heat thru out his own acceptance speech, Clint Eastwood made a raving fool of himself and then Romney tried to make like Reagan and succeeded only in anesthetizing a noisy sectarian bunch.
A typical Mitt Romney triumph,  to be sure....
Ah but the party he leads, that is another thing, their convention was a bitter convocation of haters, insurgent libertarians & sundry racialized malcontents, these are people animated by utopian fantasies and a  contradictory need to destroy about a hundred years of US History.
This is an entirely delusional notion, but as far as the RNC is concerned with it's public commitment to a Taliban approach to abortion it is all very necessary and real.
Dunno what happens to the Republic when one major political party adjourns itself from reality but the intermediate term effects cannot be good for any of us.
And trust me, in the battle to make the GOP face facts, Mitt Romney is far too weak a statesman to be any sort of a Change Agent therein.
On the other hand, I get the impression more than a few attendees at the RNC  have already started thinking about 2016, Chris Christie barely acknowledged Romney as a nominee in his keynote address and it seems clear to me that Paul Ryan is desperate to take his nice clean shiny wingnut act to a national audience...solo. So the battle for rationality within the Republican Party gets booted downrange another fours years, unless of course Romney wins and then heaven help the reasonable!

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