Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Whenever Mitt Romney gets

outside of his comfort zone, he blusters.

Whenever he gets scared, he rants and raves and makes diresome and inaccurate accusations.

But he really goes berserk when someone calls him on any of it....

Case in point this awful situation in Libya, our Ambassador's body wasn't even cold and the lights hadn't even been turned on in the White House Situation Room before Romney was in full scream calling the Admin's policy "a disgrace"and insinuating in that cloying clumsy manner we know so well in Massachusetts, that the President was a Muslim Sympathizer.
Romney changes his mind about things regularly but his few foreign policy notions are reliably crude, belligerent, obnoxious and violent to a fault.
Some say he is trying to "Out Cheney, even Dick Cheney", I suspect though he is trying to overcompensate for some gruesome hidden inner inadequacies. is when America found out just desperate Mitt Romney is to play the if throwing a mere tantrum at a press conference impresses anyone.

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