Wednesday, September 26, 2012

When Jeff Jacoby eructates a howler

it is one for the ages...consider this quote from today's Globe:

"Barack Obama has been the most polarizing and divisive president in modern times."

Not for nothing but  didn't Jeff say the exact same thing about Bill Clinton? How did Obama supplant Clinton in this Jacobyean category anyway...did The President forcibly relocating the Kulaks when I wasn't looking or something?
For that fact, Jeff said the exact same thing about John Kerry and Al Gore...They can't ALL be The Most Polarizing and Divisive democrat ever, some sort of qualitative heirarchy has to impose itself on the situation.
All snarkage aside, the reason Jeff can write that is because so few republicans crossed the aisles to support the President's program nigh these last few years.
It is not because said program was so radical, indeed parts of it were the very antithesis of radicalism, no the GOP refused to parlay mostly so they could accuse the President of being "Polarizing and Divisive"during this election cycle.
Thus we come to Jeff's column today...huffy indignant,condescending and yet thing is for certain for readability and wit no one will ever mistake Jeff Jacoby for H.L. Mencken or evenWestbrook Pegler for that matter.