Sunday, September 09, 2012

Josh Marshall sez

Romney is trending towards the whole cultural warrior meme this week.
David Bernstein though, over in the Boston Phoenix thinks almost the exact opposite, that Romney is trying to rebrand himself as a family friendly moderate.
Who is right?
Both of them.
Mitt Romney regards rhetoric as mere manipulation, a means to fool the trogs into voting for him, he is man  who does not feel himself bound in any way by what he says in public, thus he contradicts himself virtually on an hourly basis.
He has been doing this for years, when the media catches him on it they sort of accuse him of either lying or hyperbole before backing off in a surly fashion. He is actually doing neither thing, Romney doesn't believe in truth, he believes in Steven Colbert's "Truthiness", in other words if it "Sounds good"and helps his electoral bottom line he'll use it. If he gets called out, he accuses the media of bias or else drops the trope and finds some other rubbish to spout.
If you discount the existence of truth, then you cannot have much shame about lying...this is why Romney never seems to turn a hair no matter how outrageous his fabrications.
Quite literally, Mitt Romney will figure out what he believes in only if he wins the election...and even then it is all in flux.

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