Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Herein, the Boston Globe takes time out of it's busy schedule to gently bang the pots for a "Deval Patrick for President"in 2016 boomlet.
Its nice to get some good press in a Presidential election year, Governor Patrick has few claims on his time or good will and a great deal of room to maneuver as we move thru his second and last term of office in the Commonwealth.
But please for the love of Ghod Deval, decline and disdain this talk of the Potomac, six guys and aimed at the White House from Massachusetts in my life time they've all ended up in the foornotes.
The country's animus for Massachusetts and our political culture gutters on unabated...and until attitudes out there change there is naught any single pol from the Bay State can do.
Even one as able and eloquent as Deval Patrick, tis a formula for tears if it were to come to pass believe me.
Meanwhile the Herald jumped ugly on the Governor yesterday for being out of state...while the State Lege was adjourned...or some damn thing. I don't recall One Herald Square being this vigilant when Romney was Governor and flying to South Carolina at the taxpayer's expense to denounce the very state that elected his bony ass!

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