Sunday, September 16, 2012


A certain newly minted nominee for a cush gig in the lege in a verrry safe district did not receive a congratulatory phone call from his closest & best positioned primary rival on election night.
Rumors are flying out on the street that some democrats in the district's "key town" might be looking for a "Do-Over"in the general election by way of throwing the race to either the GOP challenger or more likely the well known, well liked and most of all well heeled independent candidate.
What can the captioned democrat do in these circumstances given his razor thin margin of victory?
Well likely he will need change his address assuming he wins the election but between now and election he needs to spend every waking hour in that aforementioned "key town" mollifying his opponent's disgruntled supporters and reaching out to independent women voters.
Even in a safe district, things are never as safe as you might think...

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