Monday, September 10, 2012

One Out of Six

of our fellow citizens now lives in poverty or so I read in the Boston Globe.
Nearly as many in 1964 back when President Johnson started banging the pots for a "War on Poverty"....
Nowadays we just wait for horrific news like this to inspire our statesmen and stateswomen to reel to their feet braying for New Education Initiatives to combat rising poverty, merit pay for teachers, more training more standardized testing blah blah blah.
Assigning education the lead role in ending poverty is like giving the moon landing to the Department of Transportation...Yes there is a continuum there, but it is hardly a efficient option.
But trust me if the world "Poverty"enters campaign 2012 it'll be as a shopworn opening act for the glittering rock-n-roll show that is Education Reeee-form....wait for it believe me.

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