Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dead Even...

That is Brown versus Warren in the latest polls.
I'm guessing that her speech to the DNC went over well and some bounce is derived from that more than anything.  Nice counter to the Brown's current round of adverts which spotlight his vital driving skills.
Moreover Scott Brown is still mired below a majority at 46% assuming the one point spread holds true this leaves him in scary territory on an election day where turnout is likely gonna bank high for democrats and like minded independents.
And it is interesting to consider that just possibly this year's DNC was so well run that it was able to confer some bounce down the ticket for captioned candidates of course.
Which of course means that maybe just maybe conventions aren't anachronistic enterprises after all.
But back here in the Commonwealth this remains a volatile senate race that could turn ugly at any minute moreover nothing but the common goodwill of the Brown/Warren campaigns prevents third party attacks adverts from contaminating the race. Tight numbers especially as they plague the incumbent make attack ads a dangerous temptation, one can but hope Citizen Warren's campaign won't get caught flat footed.
I'm thinking the public's full attention on this race won't be focused until the debates and then we will see some sh*t!

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