Thursday, September 20, 2012

Deee-bate tonight...

Brown v.Warren mano a mano at long last....

The polls all describe a volatile race which accords with my own entirely anecdotal observations, Warren is up in a couple of them, Brown has the lead per the Boston Herald.
It is also my own personal theory that the voter's minds are as yet not made up thus a lot rides on the debates for both candidates. In a way it is a debut for both of them.
Demographically they are both going to be talking past one another to women, independents & suburbanites as they both seem to have their respective bases locked up. So expect a lot of economic issues, which could get to be slow going at times.
In terms of verbal pyrotechnics, look for Warren to use all means possible to manacle Brown to Mitt Romney. Proof of the power in that lies in the fact that Brown is backing off Romney at warp speed...can't find the words or the time to endorse his onetime political patron.
Jon Keller is the solo moderator, which is a bad choice IMHO, he has always been a rigid little libertarian partisan pretending to be a "objective journalist".
If I was the Warren campaign I'd take a moment to recall the O'Brien Romney debate of 2002 moderated by the late Tim Russert to catalogue all the ways a biased interlocutor can mess up an honest democrat.
Clearly Keller was the price Warren had to pay to get face to face with Brown....

Meanwhile I idly wonder just how much Scott Brown shells out to feed that stable of horses? Enough to feed a family of four?