Friday, September 14, 2012

Final notes on the

24th Middlesex democratic primary.  Rogers won the nomination by a margin of only two hundred votes, he ran a strong second in Belmont and won everywhere else (by that I mean the relevant precincts and wards in Arlington and Cambridge).
This is all the more amazing given the fact that all three campaigns made what seemed to be only pro-forma efforts outside Belmont proper (unless stuff was happening unseen by Humble Elias...hell I am far from omnipotent folks).
Clearly Reardon's campaign though a third place finisher all over the district stopped Hegarty from running up the numbers she needed in Belmont.
What I'm taking away from all this is that the 24th is still a district in which Imperial Belmont is the major electoral factor and that Rogers' razor thin margin may well invite primary challenges to his incumbency down the line.
That is of course assuming he wins this fall, but of course there is this pretty shade of blue in the 24th House District to be sure.
If I was Dave Rogers I'd quit North Cambridge and the glittering lights of Norton's Liquor Store and buy a modest heap off Prospect Street, if of course, anything there constituted modesty and then start taking the commuter rail from Belmont Center to the State House.

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