Thursday, September 06, 2012

Congrats to

North Cambridge Attorney Dave Rogers who tonight collected a 43% plurality to become the democratic nominee for State Rep in the 24th Middlesex District (Will Brownsburger's old district now redrawn with more "Arlingtoness").
Did not see that one a-comin'...I figured this for Hegarty from day one...I guess Aimee Coolidge's endorsement has some serious street cred in Arlington, I mean like how else to explain it??
Well a few caveats, it was primary with a light turn out with numerous distractions piled into one week from school opening to the DNC and the election was held on a Thursday to boot.
Nonetheless as I speculated earlier, this was a "Battle for the Soul of Belmont" and in the end North Cambridge was the victor.
This is good news for Arlington and some of the maachers therein who endorsed Rogers, it means the town won't get overlooked when its interests are under discussion on Beacon Hill.
Otherwise it was a relatively clean campaign, little histrionics or skullduggery...Good show all around.

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