Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Scot Lehigh wallows in nostalgia

in today's Globe for the Mitt Romney of 2002 who vanquished that uppity insider Shannon O'Brien and became, for a single term the very Governor of Lehigh's heart.
I'd link to the column, but the Globe has gone all selfish negative vibe merchant on us when it comes to the old fashioned hot link.
Anyhow Lehigh's cure for Romney's current campaign is both simple and laughable, sign onto the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction plan and run as a balanced budget hawk.
The balanced budget is a placebo BELOVED by almost all the columnists currently published in the continental USA with only two lonely exceptions, Paul Krugman and Pat Buchanan.
The rest of them would see the planet blown to atoms like Krypton and would die happy in the catastrophe as long as the Federal Budget was Balanced.
It is a morbid obsession among the punditariat, I think they believe it gives them gravitas...airheads tend to worry about gravitas a lot.
And Scot Lehigh is no different of course what he does not realize is that the one issue on which Romney has no credibility at all, it is the chimera that is the balanced budget.
He has made too many promises to too many pressure groups and thrown around all sorts of tax cuts on the road to the nomination to have any room to maneuver on the budget.
In fact the whole GOP essentially punted the issue back when Reagan was sworn in, the past twenty five years the only politicians with any bona fides on the subject were democrats, chiefly Walter Mondale and Paul Tsongas and look where they ended up.
But Scot Lehigh likes to cling to an entirely delusional image of Mitt Romney as the outsider from the private sector even as the daily newsfeed tends to shred this notion by the hour....

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