Monday, July 11, 2016

Amidst all the craziness last week

(and truly isn't crazy becoming Our New Normalcy?)....Governor Baker actually signed the Transgender Rights Bill....whoop whoop.
I guess he and the lege sort of quietly conspired to make sure the bill got signed late enough in the session to prevent any hope of a challenge by way of a ballot question this fall.
Cuz Citizen Charlie....he wants this fall to be about two things, No Donald Trump and More Charter Schools.....transbashing would get in the way of that abbreviated agenda surely.
So...Charlie has at least shored up his "moderate republican" props with the Boston Globe at least over the short term.
But I suspect all this goodwill towards the transgendered is a low cost way to get those props, remember this is the same Charlie Baker who campaigned in 2010 like a berserk Motorcycle Outlaw promising he'd shred any "bathroom bill" sent to The Corner Office.
The man is in short, a cynic, much like Romney or Weld, he isn't really a moderate or a conservative, but his overweening self devotion certainly makes him a no liberal either.
And in this state, a GOP Governor and a Democratic Legislature is pretty much "regression to the mean", and that in turn translates into very cynical governance indeed.
But what the hell, we seem to like not so much.

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