Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Apparently there is a concerted attempt

oust a ninety one year old Phyllis Schlafly as the reigning Dowager Empress of the Eagle Forum, a very very old established wingnut PAC that goes back to Barry Goldwater Days.
Today, The Eagle Forum is pretty small beer so the ouster seems a little comical , a nigh military coup in some postage stamp of nation so to speak.
Supposedly the dissidents are appalled by Schlafly's cozying up to Donald Trump, but it simply be that the Eagle Forum is a family run outfit and prospects of succession on that basis may be giving the Board of Directors the vapors.
Phyllis though, was once the very monster caricature of an conservative  "empowered woman", a attorney and a noisy flake on behalf of defeating the ERA, the Panama Canal Treaty, Gay Rights and a loud advocate on behalf of clerical rule, patriarchy,the nuclear arms race and class rule unto perdition.
She reached her apogee under the Aufklarung of Saint Ronald Reagan only to watch other twitchier greedier wingnuts work her side of the street with much greater success.
She is probably the oldest living exemplar of wingnut cognitive dissonance, she railed against Nelson Rockefeller's divorce, kept her mouth shut about Reagan's first wife, made a bad bargain and lived up to the letter of it all with La Famiglia Arbusto. On the issues she was wrong about everything, if that isn't a life well lived in the GOP what is?

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