Friday, July 22, 2016

Ya know I think

as far as his speech last night is concerned, Trump might've been backed into a corner ideologically speaking.
I mean consider his profligate lifestyle and many ideological diversions prevents him from running as a conservative even if movement conservatives were disposed to permit him to do so, and they are not.
His sexism, racism and thuggish nationalism prevents him from rebranding himself as any sort of moderate or heaven forfend, a liberal.
So really, Trump's only political option last night was to go "The Full Huey Long" and pose as some sort of vague revolutionary here to smash the elites and bring in the reign of the dispossessed in a way that won't alienate the vested interests.
And carrying that off demands an apocalyptic view of the Times We Do Live In, a veritable promise of a "Walking Dead" scenario if he himself is not elected.
Well...maybe this is all scary (and please remember fearmongers are seldom brave themselves) but gloom and doom doesn't often win elections as Saint Ronald Reagan so often pointed out.
I urge all and sundry not to underestimate Donald Trump at the same time he is still a candidate prone to saying and doing profoundly stupid and disastrous things....his remarks about NATO yesterday being a profoundly dangerous case in point.
We must therefore brace ourselves to our posts and our places this fall...its gonna be an ugly campaign but in some ways also enlightening, one we must win I hasten to add.

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