Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I think at the end of the day

Trump will be nominated for President by the GOP next week, there is a lot of palaver about there about last minute delegate shenanigans to force a second ballot, but these sorts of 19the century tactics don't play well on television and captioned "king-unmakers" just don't have those "Mark Hanna" skills.
Which is not to say we are somehow collectively less politically ruthless than the political barons of 1896, but that we are ruthless now in different ways.
Besides that Fat F**k won the primaries ya gotta honor that or risk a deeper fracture than even nominating Trump represents, if such a thing is possible.
Now as for the Veepstakes, if he is smart, Trump will take Pence a nice safe boring-ass governor with no outrageous history clinging to him. I doubt Pence will make a big difference on the campaign trail but Vice President's are supposed to deliver their own states or else make no stupid errors....so the bar is set low.
Moreover, Pence is probably hoping that Trump will get beat like a red headed mogul in November so he and the "restorationists" (ergo Bush Walker etc ) can take over and start up business as usual.
In other words anyone who wants to run with Trump has their eyes on 2020....so that dynamic will be starting up early.
Now if we are lucky though, Trump will go with Newt Gingrich, a bloated self indulgent wingnut rock star with an ego to match The Donald in every aspect. Between the two of them I think they can rack up six current and former wives, the Secret Service will have to bring in guys from the Alaska Office to guard them all....
Sorta shocked Marco Rubio didn't sell out his bloodline this time, that marks his as more cynical than naive' and thus someone to watch warily.

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