Tuesday, July 26, 2016

For the Record

Come What May, I am voting this November for the Woman Who Gives the N.R.A. the Screaming Bedspins.

Meanwhile Joanie Vennochi in a bracing return to form in Today's Globe snarks away at Hillary Clinton's lack of candor and forthrightness with respect to her email server and other alleged "scandals".
Then again this is Joan Vennochi, she more or less wrote the same column about John Kerry in 2004 chiding him for not coming clean about his war record when the Swift Boat Vets were tearing up the airwaves.
I saw Senator Warren's speech at the DNC last night, talk about another "bracing return to form" that woman has to pulpit skills to be sure!  I suspect catcalls aside, that speech did Warren's many presidential boosters a world of good keeping their hopes alive. Our Senior Senator seems to have found an opponent worth of her razor sharp rhetorical skills, Secretary Clinton would be well advised to send Warren into doubtful districts she makes a powerful mind-changing case against Donald Trump.
As for Me,All I can say is, Do What Ya Gotta Do Just Don't Inhale Liz!

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