Thursday, July 21, 2016

Boo'd Cruz

pointedly and blatantly Texas Senator Ted Cruz declined to endorse Donald Trump in a speech before the RNC last night, he was lustily boo'd by a crowd gone mad from a week of nonstop wingnut sugar highs.
I'm gonna suggest Cruz is in a tough place here, his self respect (or what he calls his self respect) prevents him from endorsing Trump, like almost every other GOP leader he is heavily invested in a Trump loss this fall.
Thats having been said, if there is a man in the GOP with MORE enemies than Donald Trump it's Ted Cruz, so its a Somerville Cinch that he won't be at the table when the "Legitimist Faction" takes over assuming The Donald goes over the hump in November.
So to keep his hopes alive, Cruz must make a play for the anti Trump evangelicals and hope for the best. He really didn't have much room to maneuver last night and it was otherwise a dismal gruesome show in every way, the crowd surly and vicious, Cruz himself smug and demagogic.

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