Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bernie Sanders ...

Showed class and a sense of drama last night when he moved to make Clinton's nomination unanimous....he set a good example, nothing more can be asked.
Its important to remember though that back in 2008 Hillary Clinton was in the same situation as Bernie Sanders, she'd come up short in the delegate count she'd been cut dead by the superdelegates and she had plenty of supporters howling for a kamikaze finale to the Denver Convention.
But Secretary Clinton is an olde pro at politics, rgardless of her PUMA base ("Party Unity My Ass") she understands to get "party unity" you must set the example and give party unity. She backed the the Obama-Biden ticket to the hilt which to me is a strong indicator of the overall high quality of her character.
Lets remember that there was a lot of lingering bitterness against Obama with a lot of dark talk of "losing the women's vote", Sarah Palin's nomination for Veep on the GOP ticket can be directly traced back to said disaffection.
But all the same then Senator Clinton rose to the occasion with aplomb, as did Bernie Sanders last night...they both have set a good example going forward they are to be applauded.

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