Friday, July 15, 2016

So I was right

Trump did pick Mike Pence as his VP candidate. From the Indiana Governor's perspective this is a low cost no brainer, if Trump loses he can align himself with the "Restorationist Faction" (roughly defined as La Famiglia Arbusto, Mitt Romney, Speaker Ryan, Mitch McConnell etc) and see if he can do some business in 2020.
If Trump somehow wins, Pence is Veep....and in either scenario he is quit on what was shaping up as an uphill reelection battle.
From Trump's perspective I wonder if some boring midwestern jobber a veep wasn't the price he has to pay for a quiet convention with no floor fight over his nomination?
I wonder, I mean it's a reasonable scenario given that the platform is already a wholesale recapitulation of conservative dogma down to remilitarizing the Rhineland, "wing nut pornography" so to speak.
In other words, I wonder if all this isn't Trump finally paying some of the political bills he ran up in the primaries?

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