Monday, July 25, 2016

Kaine for Veep

Not my first choice for the job but I think he will wear well going forward.  I wasn't too keen on Joe Biden eight years ago, but he rose to the occasion with aplomb so what do I know?
The whole vice presidential selection process has undergone a sea change since I was a wee liberal in short pants, a casual process of nigh elimination put Tom Eagleton on the ticket in 1972 which all put sent the party off a cliff in 1972. These days the vice presidential prospects seem to be vetted much more intensely than the persons that are at the top of the ticket, after that strict polling considerations hold sway to say nothing of the intangibles (helpful glibness, compatibility, lack of sustained body odor etc etc).
But it still comes down to one thing, can they deliver their home state, Kaine seems admirably suited to do that very thing. But then even that is a crapshoot, Spiro Agnew couldn't in 1968 and Sarah Palin could in 2008.

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