Monday, July 25, 2016

As for the Emails kerfluffle

it feels like inside baseball stuff to me, likely given the embarrassment occasioned Wasserman-Schultz's resignation is justified but I would not be surprised if Clinton & Sanders were already in accord as to the DNC chair's ouster prior to this alleged scandal.
Secretary Clinton got the Veep She Wanted last week, so it stands to reason that Senator Sanders could get the DNC Chair he wants this week.
That sound like a deal?
Granted this makes party unity more difficult but unity is ALWAYS difficult for democrats, we need to distinguish between building a winning coalition within and without and fruitless outreach to determined recalcitrants.
Ultimately we should remember the DNC doesn't control the nomination, that is still the exclusive domain of "King Primary", they don't control enough of any process to change the outcomes out in the fifty separate primaries or caucuses.
Okay...anyone wanna vent feel free the comments section

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