Thursday, July 07, 2016

I see Scott Brown is still trailing his hook in the water

hoping to catch the GOP's vice presidential nomination on a ticket with Donald Trump.  I can't believe that Brown is an A List Prospect in Trump's mind though, but the GOP presumptive nominee is of a changeable nature that defied logic so who knows?
Brown is an empty suit to be sure, but Trump must be able to find an empty suit to be his Veep that has a resume uncontaminated by successive routes at the polls....right?
Given all this, I doubt Brown can deliver New Hampshire assuming the local Cadres and the Spartans are all on their game, and he is at the end of the day a good looking jobber who got toasted back in 2012. At best Brown is a credible prospect only if  something like a dozen other elected officials in the GOP feeb out or prove to be somehow unsuitable to run with the gamey twitchy likes of Donald Trump.
Why Brown would want to do it is a mystery....he may believe that all he has to do is put up a credible effort and assuming that Trump gets routed this fall he himself Scott Brown can bootstrap himself into contention for 2020.
Vain vague hope IMHO, if Trump auto destructs that'll only signal a general legitimist restoration in the GOP, the Bush's, Cruz's, Walkers & Christies will all start jockeying for power and Scott's phone calls and tweets will go unanswered I assure you.

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