Monday, July 18, 2016


The Police Chief of Cleveland OH politely asked the Governor (giddy, spineless John Kasich) to suspend the state's infamous"open carry statutes" during the Republican National Convention this week.
Citing the US Constitution, Kasich declined to do so....
So I think, the Chief of Police in Cleveland is well within his rights to pull all his officers OUT of the Arena on grounds of their personal safety and simply establish a security cordon around the venue out of gunshot range.
If they just did that, ya think Kasich would show up at the convention at all?
Probably not, and if he really had the courage of his second amendment convictions he'd pass out a loaded AR-15 to every delegate in order to keep things...orderly.
After all the NRA insists "An Armed Society is a Peaceful Society", so it follows than an armed RNC will be a peaceful RNC right?
Anyway I feel bad for any cop on security detail at the RNC this week, forget "Black Lives Matter" it seems their own Governor is backing down on them in a crudely craven and very public fashion as well.

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